Yeovil District Hospital

Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fin Screening Solution

Levolux designed, supplied and installed its Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fin system at the Yeovil District Hospital’s multi-storey car park, which forms part of the hospital’s access and parking scheme.

The solution comprises a vertical arrangement Levolux’s Infiniti aluminium aerofoil fins backed with mesh panels. The fins – specified to increase the aesthetic appeal of the parking structure, was applied to all four elevations of the car park to form flowing patterns when viewed along the length of the elevations.

Product Features


Variety of Aerofoil fin sizes


Precision manufacturing to achieve notch locations



Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fins

In total, Levolux designed, manufactured and installed 480 vertical, aerofoil-shaped fins for the multi-storey car park. The Infiniti aluminium aerofoil fins extend more than 8 metres in height – rising 1.8 metres above the roof level and cantilevering below the lowest horizontal carrier rail in a waveform pattern. Notches in the fins create a distinctive series of waves across the fins.

240 x 65 mm profiles were installed to the south, east and west-facing elevations with pitches that vary from 300 to 500 mm. On the 100 metre long south-facing elevation, a distinctive series of waves has been created through a series of notches that are aligned to create three distinct waves that rise and fall as they extend around the car park. The notched fins create an interesting and unusual aesthetic, which changes depending on the perspective of the viewer. Further visual stimulus is also achieved as some fins are inclined at an angle.

On the north-facing elevation, a more cost-effective solution was delivered with smaller fins (190 x 55 mm) installed at greater spacings (400 to 600 mm) and without the notch effect.

The fins were finished with a light grey polyester powder coating, whilst the supporting components, including the horizontal carrier rails and expanded mesh panels were given a dark grey powder-coated finish.

Levolux strives to provide value to its clients by solving technical problems, developing commercial solutions and managing technical risks. Here, Levolux was able to:
i) help provide a cost-effective solution by designing two different sizes of fin;
ii) customised the fins, through notching, to deliver the specific aesthetic requirements of the development.



One Creative Environments (Architect)


Yeovil, UK