Primark Store, Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh

Infiniti Aluminium Bespoke Fin Screening Solution

Levolux designed, supplied and installed a range of Infiniti aluminium fins, including twisted aerofoil fins, to provide an aesthetically pleasing shop frontage.

The Primark store at the Fort Kinnaird shopping park in Edinburgh was fitted out with a dazzling external screening solution from Levolux.

Product Features


Twisted aluminium aerofoil fins


Bronze anodised finish


Integrated LED lighting



Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fins


Infiniti Aluminium Box Fins

Levolux Primark Fort Kinnaird
The Infiniti fin screening solution, which is applied to the store’s façade along the front and sides, comprises a combination of 200mm wide Infiniti aluminium box fins and 300mm wide twisted Infiniti aerofoil-shaped fins. All fins are formed from single-piece aluminium extrusions, which were designed, fabricated and installed by Levolux.

The building can be considered in two parts – the taller, entrance section of the shop and the two storey shopping areas. The entrance area, apart from a full height glazed section, is wrapped in Infiniti 300 x 56 mm twisted aerofoil fins. The fins were installed vertically at a pitch of 310mm and extend to 8 m in height. The Infiniti fins are twisted through 180 degrees from first floor to roof level.

Either side of the entrance, the store’s façade continues at a lower height. On these elevations, 200 x 60 mm Infiniti Aluminium Box Fins were installed to the building envelope, extending 4.6 m high up to roof level. The Infiniti Alumium Box Fin system was also installed vertically, but the fins were set at an angle of 45 degrees and a pitch of 250 mm.

The Infiniti fins were all finished with an attractive, bronze anodised coating, whilst the horizontal aluminium carrier rails that support the fin were finished with a contrasting black polyester powder coating. Integrated LED lighting provide further visual stimulation, shining a light on the bronze fins.



3D Reid


Edinburgh, UK