Kao Data Centre, Harlow

Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fin Screening Solution

Levolux designed, supplied and installed its Infiniti fin system to provide an attractive screening solution that concealed the industrial appearance of the building behind Kao Data Centre.

Levolux designed, supplied and installed a striking plant screening solution at the Kao Data Centre Campus in the Harlow Enterprise Zone. The installed system combines the Levolux Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil fin system on the vertical with the Ligniti Contour ventilation louvre system, arranged horizontally.

Product Features


Panelised Fin Assembly


No through fixings


Polyester powder coated finishes



Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fins


Ligniti Ventilation Louvres

Levolux installed 400mm x 54mm aerofoil fins in two horizontal bands extending around the Kao Data Centre. Fins were fixed at a 490mm pitch and at 45 degrees to the building facade to provide important shading for exposed mechanical and electrical equipment.

Five shades of green were used to achieve the aesthetic whilst installation was accelerated by pre-assembling the fins into panels that could be fixed between aluminium support angles.

In addition to the plant screening solution using Infiniti fins, Levolux also supplied and installed Ligniti louvres on this project. Here, the Ligniti VLS100 S-profiled aluminium louvres were used to enclose key plant and equipment, providing additional protection against the weather. 12 louvred panels, extending more than 8.5m in height, were built, seamlessly incorporating louvred doors to provide access without detriment to the appearance of the louvred façade.



JCA Engineering (Designer)


Harlow, UK