Ineos Headquarters, Grangemouth

Infiniti Aluminium Bespoke Fin Solar Shading System

Levolux provided an attractive solar shading solution to keep staff and visitors comfortable at the £20m headquarters of Ineos in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Levolux was invited to develop a custom external solar shading solution for the office development at the petrochemicals company, INEOS.

Product Features


Bespoke oval profile fin


Cantilever arrangement of fins


Polyester powder coated finish



Infiniti Aluminium Bespoke Fins

Levolux designed, supplied and installed its Infiniti aluminium tubular fin solar shading system at Ineos horizontally in five bays. The oval fin profiles, 110mm wide by 100mm deep, were produced specifically for this development. The tubular fins were set at a pitch of 300mm to reduce solar heat gain and glare whilst still permitting natural light transmission into the building. As such, employees and visitors at the facility benefit from naturally bright and comfortably cool working conditions all year round.

The Infiniti fins were installed from the first floor up to roof level and were restrained by vertical aluminium support arms. The fins were designed to cantilever 500mm past the supports at each end.

The extruded aluminium fins and associated support arms were finished with an attractive matt cool grey polyester powder coating.



Michael Laird Architects


Grangemouth, Scotland