Holybrook Mall, The Oracle, Reading

Infiniti Aluminium Bespoke Fin Screening Solution

The Infiniti aluminium fin system was designed, supplied and installed by Levolux to form an aesthetically-pleasing internal ceiling in the Holybrook Mall at The Oracle in Reading, screening the plant and equipment above.

The Levolux custom screening solution comprised a series of twisted aluminium fins that create an unusual and impressive feature ceiling in the mall. Levolux worked closely with the architect, HFM Architects, to design the complete system, comprising twisted aluminium fins and supporting structure.

Product Features


Twisted fins


Suspension rod connections


Bronze coloured polyester powder coating



Infiniti Aluminium Bespoke Fins

aluminium fins at holybrook mall
aluminium fin arrangement
holybrook mall bespoke aluminium fins

The custom support structure at Holybrook Mall, comprising horizontal support rails and vertical suspension rods, was devised to secure the assembly of twisted fins 1m below a concrete slab.

The 300mm wide Infiniti twisted fins were formed from an aluminium extrusion with thickened walls so the fins were able to be precisely twisted through 360 degrees along their length. The orientation of twist applied to each fin alternated to achieve the desired aesthetic. The Infiniti fins were finished in an attractive and highly durable metallic bronze coloured powder coating.

Remarkably, thanks to advance planning and strong collaboration with other trades, the works were able to be carried out without disruption to the opening hours of the shops in Holybrook Mall. 



HFM Architects


Reading, UK