ATC, Tameside College, Greater Manchester

Ligniti Perforated Panel Screening Solution

Levolux designed, supplied and installed a customised architectural facade solution as part of the £10.5 million development of the Advanced Technologies Centre at Tameside College in Greater Manchester.

The developed solution comprised Ligniti perforated panels, manufactured from aluminium, which feature a unique pattern of differently-sized circular perforations. The 3 mm thick aluminium panels were secured to low profile ‘T’-shaped vertical aluminium carriers that were connected to an inclined supporting structure that features integral horizontal walkways.

Product Features


Unique patterned panel



Ligniti Perforated Panel

The Ligniti screening solution is inclined at an angle of 1 degree, allowing it to lean away from the building’s glazed facade, with a maximum projection of 1.8 metres at its peak. The solar veil extends the full length of the building, 61 metres in total, with a sloping top edge that increases in height from 12 metres at its lowest point up to almost 30 metres above ground level.

The supporting structure incorporates a series of perforated walkways on four levels. Formed from galvanised steel, the walkways, which are secured to horizontal aluminium support arms, increase in width at each level, from 770mm at low level up to 1250mm for the upper level. Complete with aluminium handrails, the walkways provide a safe and efficient means of accessing the façade.

Levolux’s market-leading Triniti® curtain walling bracket was used to secure the screening structure to the building, without compromising the thermal performance of the envelope. This was an important factor for the architect, as they set their sights on achieving a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.



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Manchester, UK