500 Broadway, Santa Monica, USA

Ligniti Screening solution

At 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, USA Levolux provided a movable screening solution in order to provide personalised control over sun & privacy

Project Features


Movable screens to provide sun & privacy control


Lateral Aluminium system


Lightweight, cost-effective and simple to install solution


3D Design



Ligniti Screening

University of Glasgow

The project started in early 2016, when Koning Eizenberg Architect engaged Levolux to help further their design for sliding sunshades on their proposed 500 Broadway residential block. South and West facing apartments required movable screens in order to provide personalised control of sun & privacy, contributing to achieve LEED Platinum.

Levolux initially investigated the potential of sliding doors around a circumference, however, due to budget constraints and system usability, settled on a lateral system. Levolux ensured the extensive use of aluminium resulted in a lightweight, cost-effective and simple to install solution. The city approved the Levolux design early on as the GC and VNSM (subcontractor) were brought on board.

The designed screening solution was worked up in 3D in order to provide visual representation. The full size mock up screen was manufactured in the UK and tested prior to shipment to California. To ease assembly of the mock-up components, guide drawings were provided to VNSM who re-assembled the system in California, USA for client approval.


“VNSM was fortunate to be awarded a major project here in Southern California where we were able to team up with Levolux to bring the owners vision to reality. Levolux shares many of the same goals as VNSM, where developing long term strategic partnerships & brand loyalty are of the highest importance. The success of any project is based on how those partnerships work together, while meeting the demands of the client, and Levolux meets or exceeds those expectations across the board.

 At VNSM, we are looking forward to a long term relationship with Levolux, as both our companies continue to grow in order to meet the future needs of our clients.”

Phillips Jeffrey

Chief Executive Officer , VNSM



Koning Eizenberg



Santa Monica, USA