400 South Record Street, Dallas

Skyvane Roof Solar Shading System

Levolux has helped to transform 400 South Record Street, a 1980’s built 17-storey office building in downtown Dallas, with the addition of a dazzling solar shading solution

Levolux was approached to develop a custom solar shading solution for the ground and roof levels at this prestigious development in downtown Dallas.

Product Features


Secret fix connections


Polyester powder coated finish



Skyvane Roof Shading System Gensler (Architects)

Levolux developed the Skyvane roof solar shading system for two large horizontal canopies. Whilst the primary driver of the installation was to shield the building from the sun, the architectural intent was also to create an interesting feature.

To this effect, Levolux designed and supplied almost 900 trapezoidal-shaped aluminium sections. Each profile, measuring 420mm wide, was fixed at an angle of 45 degrees, facing south, and are set at a pitch of 600mm. The two Skyvane canopies provide important shading to glazed areas at lower levels and for the new Sky Garden.

The lower level shading canopy, projects at 7.5 metres in height from the building’s facade and continues around the perimeter of the building. The horizontal structure is supported from a series of vertical steel posts, with a maximum projection of 9 metres.

On the building’s east-facing elevation, the main entrance opens onto South Market Street. Here, the profiles are arranged horizontally in the vicinity of the entrance area, but gradually twist to align with the other profiles.

Both canopies were engineered to suit the extreme environmental conditions experienced at this location, including a durable polyester powder coated finish and the use of concealed stainless-steel fixings.



Gensler (Architects)


Dallas, Texas, USA