4 Gatwick Road, Nexus Crawley

Infiniti Aluminium Fin Solar Shading Systems

Levolux designed, supplied and installed its Infiniti Secret-Fix Aluminium Aerofoil Fin solar shading system to provide a strong architectural feature at this new, glazed contemporary office development near Gatwick Airport

4 Gatwick Road at Nexus is a 60,000 sq ft Grade A headquarters office building with a stunning and contemporary glazed façade and feature solar shading solutions from Levolux. The building achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

Product Features


Large sized box fins


Bright green polyester powder coating


Thermally broken connection back to structure



Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fins


Infiniti Aluminium Box Fins

The Levolux solar shading solution provided a perfect opportunity to showcase the flexibility of its Infiniti fin solar shading system.

Levolux designed and manufactured a new Infiniti aluminium 100 x 750 mm box fin. The 4 m long fins were fixed vertically on all four storeys of the east and west-facing elevations. The bright green colour of the fins provides a striking and distinctive feature, contrasting with the more neutral colours of the facade.

Levolux’s Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil Fin solar shading system was installed on the south-facing elevation. Here, the 200 mm wide Infiniti fins were installed horizontally, set at a pitch of 250mm and fixed at an angle of 28 degrees. To the building’s main entrance, solar shading fins were installed in a continuous stack for the full height of the glazed facade. The remainder of the ground floor benefits from arrays of 7 fins, whereas the higher storeys required arrays of 4 fins to ensure the requisite transmission of natural light without excessive solar glare and heat gain.

The Infiniti Aluminium Aerofoil fins spanned approximately 3 metres between aluminium carrier arms. The Levolux external solar shading solution was tied back to structure using its patented Triniti bracket. The Triniti bracket provides a thermal break between the solar shading and curtain walling systems, thereby minimising heat loss and noise transmission.

The Infiniti aerofoil fins and carrier arms were finished with a subtle grey polyester powder coating.



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